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Water bodies are living entities that evolve and age. If they left alone, they gradually fill up and become marshes and meadows. This natural process can takes a thousand years or only a couple depending on the geomorphology of the lake and the nearby activities. People often want a "nature" lake, but in fact they really want a water body young rather than let it age and turn into a swamp.


Healthy waters contain balanced communities of microorganisms, invertebrates, fish and plants. If these communities are out of balance, health and longevity of the water body can be affected. For example, algae and aquatic plants producing biomass from carbon dioxide by photosynthesis. The death of these cells increases the deposition of sludge at the bottom of the water body. Excessive growth of plants and algae usually results in a rapid accumulation of mud, filling and aging water.

By adding good microorganisms at the beginning of the food chain, it is ensured that a balanced community scavenger cells is present to help to reduce excess nutrients such as phosphorus, helping to extend the life of of water.


Lyveo guarantee you a selection of microorganims for a full treatment of water (mud and ammonia) for their rehabilitation.

BACTER Clear ensures the presence of a balanced community of naturally occurring microorganisms and non-pathogens, selected for their ability to biodegrade lipids, proteins, carbohydrates and nitrifying microorganisms selected for their ability to control the eutrophication.

You get a clear water without using chemicals.


  • Pond

  • Lake

  • Golf 

  • Biological swimming pool

  • Lagoon

  • Garden pond

Essential nutrients for manual pre activation of microorganisms in the biological treatment of water bodies.

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