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Ruisseau Muddy

Kit for the pre activation available

24 Apr 2016

For manual activation microorganisms


The pre activation can significantly increase the biological treatment ensuring rapid growth of microorganisms.


This kit contains:


•A pump with 2m hose

•An air diffuser system 20 cm

•A submersible heater with integrated thermostat

New ! The Bacter Block, the new biological treatment for grease traps

21 Jan 2016

To respond to an increasingly growing request of the small restaurants, Lyveo added a new biological products* in its range of wastewater treatment.
The regulations requires each restaurant to instal grease traps to reduce the amount of organic materials in wastewater in situ. The cleaning of these tanks is often tedious and expensive... The Bacter Block allows to space out the cleaning of the tank by continuously releasing natural microorganisms in the bins that will reduce amount of fat. With this simple gesture (one block per month) the restaurant made considerable savings, maintains its facilities and respects the environment and emissions standards.Contact us to distribute this product or find a distributor near you.


* products not from organic agriculture

New website!

20 Jan 2016

Discover the new Lyveo environment website . The product catalog is available there as well as many technical documents such as Material Safety Data Sheet. Login to download all the documents you need.


The Lyveo team.

Lyveo launches its new range of biotechnological products!

16 Jan 2016

After many years of distributing Canadian products Bacta-Pur throughout europe, Lyveo is now manufacturer of biotech products.
"Our expertise and microbiology laboratory allows us today to ensure the manufacture of new products, more efficient in a spirit of eco-design" says Nicoloas TILIACOS, CEO of Lyveo environment.
This new development allows Lyveo to continue to provide all of its European customers and expanding the international development.
"This production gives us the possibility to adjust the concentrations and expand the field of applications," adds Mr. TILIACOS.
This new strategy allows Lyveo to share its experience in the biological water treatment to all of the actor of the sector . An efficient water treatment and environmentally friendly is now within reach of all.


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