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Biological treatment of grease traps 

Lyveo: Biological treatment of grease trap

Block with slow release allowing continuous treatment of grease traps.


  • Degradation of organic matter due to specific organisms, not genetically modified, Class 1 (EFB) as European Directive 2000/54 / EC (microorganisms harmless to humans) and selected for their ability to biodegrade fats

  • No emulsifier, soap, surfactant or other chemicals that simply move downstream the grease

  • Convestion of fats into fatty acids which are consumed by micro-organisms

  • Facilitates aeration

  • Reducing the causes foul odors

  • Space considerably dissection operations and pumping of grease traps and allows considerable savings

  • Maintains and protects installations

  • Prevents congestion problems

  • Easy to apply, requires no dosing equipment

  • Saving time and costs for cleaning drains and facilities

  • Helps meet discharge standards

Contains a Bacillus consortium.

1 block is used to treat nearly 6,000 meals.

Bacterial numbers: 4 billion CFU per gram

Without surfactant.

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Product features:

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