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Enhancer for the biological treatment of organic materials

Lyveo: biological waste water treatment

Biological enhancer that helps the rapid growth of microorganisms for the treatment of organic materials in greywater, sewage treatment plants, grease trap, spetic tank, industrial compost, manure, slaughterhouses, lagoons ...


  • Essential nutrients for pre manual activation of the microorganisms

  • Maximizes the growth of micro-organisms and the production of enzymes for the degradation of the solids

  • Contains minerals and micronutrients essential for the growth of microorganisms

  • Establishes an environment conducive to faster the development of microorganisms

  • Improves startup of biological treatments for better degradation

  • Specialy designed to aid in the breakdown of organic materials, such as fats and sludge

Without surfactant or GMOs.
Does not contain microorganism.
Beige liquid - pH: 6-7.5
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Product futures:

ACTIV-B7: Biological enhancer for the waste water treatment
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